Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Enter LDC Season 4!

I am so excited to be starting Season 4! For those of you who are not sure what LDC is, it's an elimination round style photography contest. I pick a round theme and everybody sends in a photograph of their Life of Faith doll that matches the theme. I then post results and choose one or more people to be eliminated, then we go on to the next round. We repeat that process until there are only 2 people left, who go head-to-head against eachother in the final round, and one person is declared the winner. First, Second, and Third place all get special badges that can go on your blog sidebar! First place also gets to host Season 5!

So here's how to enter:
Leave a comment in the comment box Below- OR Email me at
Be sure to tell me your name
And your entry doll's name
Along with a headshot of your entry doll which will go on the blog sidebar!

1. Anne with Elsie
2. You could be Second!

Welcome to the NEW Blog!

Hi there! Welcome to the new, LDC blog! LDC was originally started on The American Girl Fan Message Board, after Season 2, a rule came about that you could no longer host contests on the message board. For Season 3, we moved it over to the Dolls of Faith blog. After I (Jasmine) won Season 3, I decided that I wanted a seperate blog, just for LDC. I hope you enjoy this new blog!